Useful technical links to help in SharePoint 2013 development

1. To expand and collapse groups in the Content Query webpart. (using bamboo chart API)

2. To add alias name to SharePoint site

3. To backup and restore SharePoint site

example of backup :

example of restore :

 4. To create Content Slider using jQuery code.

If you want to use third party js code file in your application, please refer link given below.

5.  To set up sub site level access.

6. To prevent users from deleting the site.

 7. To help for an issue where user having full control but not able to edit the pages.

8. Help for Web part Maintenance error

9. To schedule auto backup of sharepoint site

10. To integrating power view report

 11. To install workflow manager for sharepoint 2013 workflow type

12. To open sharepoint 2013 forms with sharepoint 2010 designer.

13. To enable Search functionality in sharepoint 2013.

14. To enable ListView tools in SP Designer 2013 (used to add parameters and filter condition to view)

 15. To pass parameters to list views

 16. Following link provides free Third Party web parts

17. To create Powerview report in Sharepoint 2013 server

18. To fix issue of creating connection for BI Semantic Model

19. To configure powerview in Sharepoint 2013

20. To Install and Configure SSRS in Sharepoint mode

21. To Install SSAS Tabular Model(Bi connection error)

22. Steps to check powerview configuration with Analysis services.

23. To move subsite from one server to another

24. To configure email account in SharePoint

25. jQuery code to collapse group labels on mouse hover

26. To customize page to add grouping more than 2 level for a list view
Following is the Fix for the issue of collapse/ expand occurrent in above method

P.S.  If you found this material helpful, feel free to share it below.


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